SHONEN KNIFE – Our Best Place on CD


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SHONEN KNIFE – Our Best Place on CD

CD includes BONUS tracks – Nice Day 60’s Mix, The Story of Baumkuchen (Japanese Version) and Girl’s Rock (2023 Japanese Version)

The world famous No.1 Japanese girl’s band Shonen Knife are releasing their new album after 3 years out on 17th February! Returning to their origin, this punk-pop album ‘OUR BEST PLACE’ became their masterpiece! And TWENTIETH studio album among so many compilations and live releases.

Following the previous album ‘Sweet Candy Power’ (2019), the new album ‘OUR BEST PLACE’ is ready! Shonen Knife have produced straight up and authentic rock albums in the past few releases but this time, the unique pop-punk flavor that is common to their first four albums is back! This became a great piece of news especially for all those long term fans.

OUR BEST PLACE includes punk pop tunes lead track ‘Nice Day’ and ‘MUJINTO Rock’ which taste like The Jam + Buzzcocks… the very unique pop song ‘ The Story Of Baumkuchen… authentic hard rock number ‘Ocean Sunfish’… the anthem of girls bands ‘Girl’s Rock’… a cover song of Naoko’s favourite band Pilot’s ‘Just A Smile’ and four more songs, making a total of 10 songs.

They start overseas touring again from 2023! First up European tour in March and UK tour in April and May have been announced.

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