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Regurgitator’s classic second album UNIT recorded in a run down warehouse in Fortitude Valley. With original cover plus the music videos as added for re-booted.

Unit is the second full-length album by Australian band Regurgitator, released in November 1997. Its style is a mixture of 1980s style synthesised popular music and alternative rock, with some hip-hop influences. It was widely successful, receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews and five of the songs featured broke into the commercial mainstream, mostly due to their popularity with alternative radio stations (Triple J especially). On 19 October 1998, the album was re-released as Unit Re-Booted, which included the album’s five video clips. In 1998, Unit won 5 ARIA awards, and in 1999, it went triple platinum, eventually selling over 240,000 copies.

1. “I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff” B. Ely 2:35
2. “Everyday Formula” Q. Yeomans 2:12
3. “! (The Song Formerly Known As)” Q. Yeomans 3:25
4. “Black Bugs” B. Ely 3:00
5. “The World of Sleaze” Q. Yeomans 3:25
6. “I Piss Alone” Q. Yeomans 2:05
7. “Unit” B. Ely/M. Lee/Q. Yeomans 1:42
8. “I Will Lick Your Arsehole” Q. Yeomans 3:20
9. “Modern Life” B. Ely 2:23
10. “Polyester Girl” Q. Yeomans 3:33
11. “1234” B. Ely 0:51
12. “Mr T” B. Ely 3:08
13. “Just Another Beautiful Story” Q. Yeomans 4:38