Drop the Lime – We Never Sleep CD (V75)


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Drop the Lime – We Never Sleep CD V75

Rowdy nights of sub-heavy dive bars, sticky dancefloors, backflips off the bar, smoke filled limousines, and dancing on a rooftop 6am surrounded by peach-colored city skylines. Ready or not, US Tigerbeat6 artist Drop the Lime’s “We Never Sleep” is a headfirst dive into hyper New York City and its creatures of the night. Four-to-the-floor funk spiked with Grime and growling bass Techno, a fury of gritty club bangers dripping with romance and italo-punk attitude. Put on your gully grills, and gnash your teeth till your thizzy face foams, DTL’s got your subs growling and this night is going to last forever. Toured worldwide with artists Kid606, Dizzee Rascal, Knifehandchop, Plasticman, DJ / rupture and more…