Boof – A Soft Kiss by a Rose CD (V80)


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Boof – A Soft Kiss by a Rose CD – V80
Maurice Fulton is BOOF. Maurice Fulton’s name is one of those unexpected recurrences in dance music, I mean still knowing almost nothing about him, he never seemed to merit mention along with Frankie Knuckles/Bones/Whoever nor in the Detroit pack of May, Carter, Atkins, and of course the master Craig or early euro-stirrers like Kirk Degiorgio and others. But none of that really matters. A man of many monikers, his music is also hardly to categorize or pigeonhole. Somewhere between Disco, House and Electro, Fulton basically puts out soulful and witty dance music in our dry times. Bubbletease Communications is out there to save the world.