UNIT20 yellowperilpack vinyl TSHIRT PACK


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2 decades slim… this defection of 80s influenced tunes slipped out onto the streets of fun and nowhere to run. How time flips its merry way… this month marks 20 years since UNIT was delivered to this here wild world of music. Thanks be to all who found time and energy to accommodate our new stuff now come old stuff. As a small moment of acknowledgement we have a limited amount of YELLOW vinyl available as a pack with a UNIT20 tshirt. We are all units…

FOR A LIMITED TIME ORDER THE INDISPENSABLE YELLOW PERIL PACK featuring a piss alone yellow vinyl record and proletariat grey UNIT20 emblazoned action shirt (subject to stock availability – otherwise will be another shirt).

PLEASE NOTE – Unit20 shirt sizes available in unisex S and Ladies L, M & S. A replacement shirt will be provided in the other sizes available – M, L, XL & XXL.

Also included is a copy of the UNIT20 DVD.