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V Mocky has released three albums under his own name: including this one”In Mesopotamia” and… “Are + Be” and “Navy Brown Blues”. His music is notable for its sense of humour, and for combining elements of hip-hop and experimental sounds into memorable tunes. Mocky’s song “Sweet Music” from this first album quickly became an underground hit, especially in Europe. He was also a member of the groups Puppetmastaz, The Shit, Son, The D.O.M, the Freeway Band, and The Roustabouts.
Mocky has co-written and co-produced songs for Jamie Lidell’s 2005 album Multiply, and Feist (singer)’s album The Reminder. In addition, he co-wrote and co-produced the 2008 album Jim by Jamie Lidell. He also frequently collaborates with Gonzales and Kevin Blechdom. In March 2009, Mocky released his new and mostly instrumental album Saskamodie. Check it out…

Mocky (born October 7, 1974) is a Canadian singer, music producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and composer worked with FEIST, JAMIE LIDELL, GONZALES and more…