LLOYD & MICHAEL Just as God Made Us album


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V97 – Kate Davidson and M. Ritchey were randomly roomed together as freshmen in college in Portland, Oregon, and immediately set to work writing songs based on a loose narrative featured in their Spanish textbook. In 1999, they founded Dear Nora. Kate moved to San Francisco released several Dear Nora albums, each reaching further into unexplored sonic territory largely characterized lyrically by the desert imagery of her Arizonian birthplace. M. Ritchey stayed behind in Portland exploring her musical inclinations, with YACHT’s Jona Bechtolt. In 2005, she moved to LA to get a PhD in historical musicology. In 2006 the nagging sense of absence and the yearning to sing together was healed when Kate moved to LA and the duo was separated only by a relatively short expanse of interlocking freeways. They immediately formed Lloyd and Michael. “Just As God Made Us,” Lloyd and Michael’s debut album sounds like Dear Nora,Yes, Doobie Brothers, Indigo Girls, Scorpions, Beyonc� Knowles, Ween, Bee Gees, Joni Mitchell, Pharoah Sanders, and possibly Peter, Paul and Mary.