I Heart Hiroshima – 3 Letter Word for Candy CD (V69)


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V69 I Heart Hiroshima – 3 Letter Word for Candy CD V69

The debut EP from I Heart Hiroshima, who originally formed in July of 2005 at a house party and reshuffled its lineup to Matthew Somers (guitar/voice) Susie Patten (drums/voice) Cameron Hawes (guitar/voice). The ‘bass-less’ line up of two guitars and drums immediately established a pretty distinctive sound, along with shared vocal duties from all three members. Drawing from a gamut, some of which includes Sleater Kinney, TV On The Radio, Leonard Cohen, The Smiths, The Raveonettes, Magnetic Fields, Frank Black, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Walkmen, Slumber Party, The Pharcyde… The EP’s a fun little taster I guess, a bit like those pop-corn places in shopping centres that give out free sample cups. Except people will probably have to pay for this…
“Catch-tacular pop, tracks like London In Love hook into your brain with tiger claws.”- Rave