GONZALES – Presidential Suite


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V44 third album from Canadian expat who set the tone with the drift to Berlin with previous collaboraters Peaches, Feist, Taylor Savvy, Mocky et al… for an example of pure musical genius and acute wit look no further than this (and his other albums including the most recent Soft Power, Ivory Tower and The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales). Major behind the scenes figuring with Feist… and awesome earlier musical incarnation with Peaches and Taylor Savvy titled The Shit. I can keep going on and on about great he is… and most prileged to have toured him in Australia on the Big Day Out years back…. and still way ahead of his time even now. Catch up… brilliant!

Chilly Gonzales (born Jason Charles Beck; 20 March 1972) is a Canadian musician who resided in Paris, France for several years, now in Cologne, Germany. Though best known for his first MC and electro albums, he is also a pianist, producer, and songwriter. He regularly collaborates with the Canadian musicians Peaches, Mocky and Feist (who, among other things, joined him on tour through Europe and Australia for the album ‘Presidential Suite’). Additionally, he has collaborated with Jamie Lidell on the albums Multiply and Compass, Buck 65 on the album Secret House Against the World, Daft Punk on the album Random Access Memories and performed with Drake at the 2011 Juno Awards.

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