BEN ELY – The Golden Path – VINYL in recycled technicolour


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BEN ELY – The Golden Path VINYL in recycled technicolour

BEN ELY’s third full length solo album burns light through gloom in taking flight to THE GOLDEN PATH.

Naturally expanding his past solitary engagements towards the full exhilaration a band with all the expansiveness that affords shines bright in this latest collection of Ben infused tunes. The creativity runs deep and free in this one.

“During 2020 not only did I, like the majority of musicians, lose a large percentage of my gigs but the tool shed in my garden was destroyed by white ants. The little buggers had a feast on the timber hiding behind the 20 feet high bamboo plant. I have a friend Millsey who is the set builder at La Boite theatre. He had lost all his work also and offered to help me build a structure, a little music studio in my garden to replace my destroyed one. He and his friend Jamie built me a magical little space. I then proceeded to write and record in there everyday as there wasn’t much else on… eventually offering up a new solo album. I went a bit crazy layering heaps of instruments intending never to play it live as well there were no gigs were happening. It was originally intended to be a dark solo venture, though working with dark subject matter was getting me down. I decided to cheer myself up with a brighter outlook… and walk the golden path instead.

Fast forward to 2021. I was offered a show with a full band. So I got my friend Millsy who built my studio, who happens to be also be a really great drummer to play drums.

And here we are with the final result. The Golden Path.”

The Golden Path
Out JULY 16 on Valve thru MGM.
featuring The Golden Path, Tale of the Cyclops, Love, Breathe in the Sunshine and more

VINYL in recycled technicolour available here.
A special release GOLD LEAF vinyl version will be available at the album launch merch stand.

4ZZZ radiothon launch party and Valve presents
The Golden Path album launch
THE ZOO Brisbane
Tickets from the

Following the debut performance of the new band with Millsey, Jim and Steph last Sunday at the Powerhouse comes the next stepping stone on the golden path… with the glowing involvement of the exemplary faux-ists THE STRESS OF LEISURE and Steph’s industry that is JERM featuring non other than keyboard luminary Shane Rudken.

BANDCAMP live July 16 –

And shedding  light on the DIGITAL paths:

BEN ELY has been one of the double prong creative lifeforce of Brisbane’s REGURGITATOR over the past 25 years plus along with spiralling through a myriad of projects (Pangaea, Ouch My Face, Decoder Ring, Brokenhead, The Stalkers, Jump to Light Speed, Radio 5, Super High…) including his current muscial fixture IT’S MAGNETIC. Over the past years, also spending time writing and recording material for contemporary dance and theatre shows, has been chanelling the energy into solo performances and two resulting albums – STRANGE TALES OF DRUGS & LOST LOVE and the debut release GOODBYE MACHINE. And it continues…

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