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UNIT20 special DVD release
Unit is but a pixel in time. A spec in the Australian cultural cosmos. In itself a chimerical reaction to a love of music past. Forged in a self-created Dirty Room studio in the Fortitude Valley over a few weeks in August 1997. Unit resolutely found its link in the musical DNA of the day and 20 years down the track this yellow dot still glows with all the intensity it rose that day to greet us with.The UNIT20 collaboration with EB Games strives for a unique multi-dimensional ocular moment, the only live revisitation we emitted across this double decade point in time now frozen on DVD.
Shot and edited in 4K by David Granato/Polygranate Films with a protools sound recording mixed by Greg Jard. The full film runs for approx 1 hour 20 mins. This show celebrated 20 years of UNIT and was the only performance we did around this concept. It was performed and filmed on the Gold Coast at the EB GAMES 20th anniversary games conference. The show featured a full rendition of the UNIT album first followed by a short break before another set of tunes from across the discography. Massive video setup with the opening utilising a 3D gauze screen setup in front of the band using an augmented video avatar.
The DVD is PAL and zone free.
Preview clip here – KONG FOO SING (last song of the show)