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TURNSTYLE – Key Note Speaker

A Casio Keyboard compilation

Turnstyle are an Australian indie-rock band formed in 1995 by Adem K and Paul Fanning. The first single “Spray Water On The Stereo” gained monumental airplay setting the tone, to join tours in coming years with Trans Am, Guided By Voices and their heroes Yo La Tengo. They have been considering a “best of” vinyl for several years but with the band’s inclusion in the WA Museum Boola Bardip Innovations gallery for creative process using toy/ domestic keyboards prompted the band to dedicate the release to their Casio-heavy material (including their much loved singles Spray Water On The Stereo and Purple Crown). The album also includes a new unreleased track “We Ran With The Pack” – a keyboard/ fuzz fried nostalgia anthem about the band’s experience with successful, mainstream artists.