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REGURGITATOR reveals the INVADER – on cassette

Invader alert. Braced for the impacts.

Regurgitator’s tenth album INVADER makes land fall and air move APRIL 26.

Opening salve of tracks THIS IS NOT A POP SONG (featuring Peaches) and COCAINE RUNAWAY poppin’ your way now.

Culture, like nature is wild, untamed and of it’s own kind and habitat outside of the smothering arms of commerce. In any undomesticated sense it cares little for such invasive nonsense. Then came the hounds of royalty, all snarling and snapping with their wilful acts of enclosure, ripping the flesh from delicate bones in their infiltration of such fall’s gold. Cannibalising the wild and free for the fattening cauldron of insistent growth that stumbles collapsing flat on the earth, filled with all lifeless content and glossy sheen.
Near on two years ago now since the band spontaneously ventured to Plainland to start baking up something… that over time managed to rise and rise through the turbulence of creative exploration like an invasive species inhabiting their headspace. Boundaries crossed and concepts forged through trials of an era as the irrepressible drivers of creative practice probe and pop, ending up in a late stampede to wilfully arrange itself into what is their tenth full length studio album, evidently entitled INVADER. Teasing much in times of lateral reflection on all that constitutes invasive behaviour – from country to body, from culture to community, from mind to planet.
Featuring 14 tracks of inspired high infection, hooking up with prime collaborators PEACHES, JK47 and TYSON YUNKAPORTA (Sand Talk) to turn out their most incisive album since time began.
“This work is a fleeting reflection in the surface film of a small bubble floating through the psychotic dreamworld of the colony.” – Quan

“For near on 30 years I have lived Regurgitator… like a horse fly galloping freely across a sticky gourd absorbed in a glorious dynamo of sweetness, all caught up in a mutual regarding state of creative pleasure and critical engagement. We have journeyed far and wide together… going on the road and seeing maybe 90% of the thousand plus shows they have played… one might just figure I am their biggest fan… maybe even their harshest critic. Whatever the case… I have seen and experienced much over our time but nothing like where they reside in this current of moments. They are brimming with a zest and drive I have not witnessed before… consumed with a musical sensibility, awareness and comprehension that has brought them to the outright confidence of INVADER. A wildly swinging tightrope of maturity and immaturity balanced on the edge of anything. I know I come draped in rags of bias but this latest album, as much as their live performances of late, breathes deeply with a blaze of creative fire that leaves me reeling with their self-belief… career refining… they have found their mountain and stand tall like the trees that crown it. I feel immense privilege to have forged a distinct pathway together unshackled from the infection of tyrannous capitalism, wandering our free minded way through the ragged tracks of creativity just falling to this inevitable high point. Enough of the hype Paul why don’t ya!” – Paul CurtisArtborne wild! Damn the invaders and that hirsute of greed!

album – INVADER
occuring April 26
through ABC Music / Valve Records
1.  Cocaine Runaway
2.  Pest
3.  This is not a Pop Song feat. Peaches
4.  Australiyeah
5.  Epic
6.  That’s Not Nermal
7.  Content
8.  The Bastard Poem That Nobody Wanted feat. Tyson Yunkaporta
10.  The Edge of Losing it
11.  Dirty Old Men feat. JK47
12.  Pee Pee Man
13.  Wrong People
14. Tsunami
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