Ladyfest Brisbane – Ladyfingers CD (V82)


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1. Artist – Ladyfest compilation
3. cat # – V82

Tax Dollar – Erase Errata
Apple Crumble – Macromantics
Red Hands – I Heart Hiroshima
Bolton Wanderer – Planningtorock
Defeated and Lonely – Dear Nora
I’m Floored – Kiosk
Aloisi -Del Toro
Write on Yr Heels – The Rational Academy
Parentheses – The Blow
Flies – Batrider
MySpace – Chicks on Speed
Trophy Wifey – Partyline
String inside the Harp – Sarah Dougher

‘Ladyfingers’ is a compilation of some of the highlights from Ladyfest Brisbane 2006!

From the frenetic politically charged fun of Erase Errata, to the desert-rock spaghetti-western influenced sounds of Del Toro, plus the post-modern beat poet of the moment Macromantics, the compilation is indicative of the diverse nature of Ladyfest Brisbane 2006!