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V108 – KID606 is dedicated to bringing his uniquely reckless fucked up and beautiful music to our fucked up and beautiful world. Inspired by the best of electronica, punk, jungle, hiphop, bass, dancehall and techno, Kid606 fuses it all together with a love of pop culture that Andy Warhol would approve of. His new album “Shout at the D�ner”, his most accomplished record to date, combining all the brash and exciting plunderphonic elements into a whole new world of “schizotronics”. 606 draws on his biggest electronic influences like LFO, AFX, Mouse on Mars, Prodigy, Daft Punk, Shizuo, Mr. Oizo, Giorgio Moroder, to make bold and powerful songs about the decline of America, moving to berlin, and the ever prevalent D�ner Kebab, arguably europe’s best late night cuisine to consume on the way home from from the club. Includes MR WOBBLY’S NIGHTMARE, SAMHAIN CALIFORNIA and more

Kid606 (born July 27, 1979, Caracas, Venezuela) is the stage name of Miguel Trost De Pedro, an electronic musician who was raised in San Diego and later moved to San Francisco. He is most closely associated with the glitch, IDM, Hardcore techno, and breakcore scenes.
Kid606’s music is similar to the work of his friend and colleague Lesser, as well as hardcore and IDM acts such as Atari Teenage Riot, Autechre, Mr. Oizo, and Matmos. He is primarily inspired not by his electronic contemporaries, but by his love of the Industrial music, Death metal, and Industrial metal of the 1980s and 90s, particularly bands like Godflesh and Napalm Death. His music is known for its high tempo breakbeats and liberal use of noise and sampling, as well as its punk aesthetic, uninhibited genre-mixing, and irreverent sense of humor. However, he is equally adept at creating more serious tracks that often reside in the realm of ambient and glitch (“Parenthood” from Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You and the entirety of P.S. I Love You being good examples).
Notable releases by Kid606 include Don’t Sweat the Technics (VC140: 1998), Down with the Scene (IPC-7:2000), P.S. I Love You (MP93: 2000), and Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You (IPC-46:2003). He collaborated or participated in the groups Flossin, Spacewurm, Ariel and Disc.
In 2005, he put together a band with a drummer and guitarist called Kid606 and Friends.