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V96 ex-member of I Heart Hiroshima – Mel goes solo.

VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNXqbDF58bw&feature=player_embedded#at=57


“Jane Woody – which is actually the solo outfit name for Mel Ralph, former drummer and singer in Kicks and then I Heart Hiroshima – doesn’t write long tracks. But they are pretty amazing. Track one, Coblers Pegs – which is missing an apostrophe—grrrrr! – goes for only 47 seconds. But in that time we are treated to something fun, a bit Murmurs and a great introduction to the girly, light yet gritty rocky tunes that follow.

‘Hello, are you there? / I had to explain the reasons why I care / I’ve compiled a list if you can just give me a minute / I may be able to rescue this.’ Haven’t we been there? The title of this gem is You’ve Fucked It Now Entirely. Fab.
It’s very electronica for a drummer.

Ode To Depeche Mode is a great example. I don’t know if I like the lyrics (which are all really ideas-based and true to life) or the micro sounds better. It’s not a mind blowing album, but it’s painfully and brilliantly familiar, cosy and cute yet impressive. I think Miranda July would like this CD.

I have a friend who does crazy things like sneak seeds into people’s gardens. ‘Why do I have a pumpkin growing in my roses?’ sort of style. She also dresses as a pirate sometimes. For the hell of it. I think Jane Woody goes well with her style. But you don’t have to be that kooky to be into it.

I love this CD. I love that she’s an Aussie, I love the music, the words, the smartness of it. I even love the cover art. And while I wish that the songs went for a little bit longer, I’m glad they don’t. It wouldn’t be the same.”