CURSE OV DIALECT – Wooden Tongues CD (V77)


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Curseovdialect – Wooden Tongues CD
V77 – fifth album from Melbourne hiphop experimentalists.

Curse Ov Dialect is an alternative hip hop group based in Melbourne, Australia. It consists of Raceless, Vulk Makedonski, Aturungi, August the 2nd, and Paso Bionic. They were the first Australian hip-hop group to be signed to an American record label.

Vocal splinters shower the avant-garde hip-hop opera of Curse Ov Dialect’s grand new album Wooden tongues… a fantastic claim for one of the most adventurous excursions into the hip hop forest this country has seen. With a diverse range of backgrounds (Maltese, Macedonian, Indian, Maori, and Pakistani), their music comes off as a non-homogenized tapestry of culture. Their political raps, razors sharp writing, unique flows, and standout production accurately represents their knowledge of hip-hop as world music and the multi-cultural climate of their homeland.
“Righteous, informed and totally bugged-out, Curse ov Dialect are about as unique as you can handle.”