I Heart Hiroshima - Punks ep

I Heart Hiroshima - Punks ep
V87 Witness the spirit in I Heart Hiroshima after completing their debut album recorded in Sydney at Megaphon and Velvet Sound with Jon Gardner, and just mastered in New York. The first single PUNKS is on the ropes and will be available in early July so get ready! The next bout of touring will preview the new material they have written and recorded for what has come up sounding like a great album. Fun and games for everyone the album TUFF TEEF is out late August so get on the run! I Heart Hiroshima formed at a house party in Brisbane in July 2005, reshuffling the line-up to Susie (drums/voice), Matt & Cameron (guitars/voices) at the end of their first year. Influenced by Sleater Kinney, TV on the Radio, Leonard Cohen, Smiths, Pixies, Pharcyde this 'bass-less' lineup of two guitars and drums with the shared vocals of Matt and Susie, quickly established a distinctive sound and infectious following. Performances with Deerhoof, Broken Social Scene, Calvin Johnson, Erase Errata... tours with Ratatat, The Rogers Sisters, The Grates, Sekiden/Spod, The Mess Hall, Peaches & Herms... a debut Big Day Out 2007 performance... two EPs on Valve (3 Letter Word for Candy and then Cut in Colour that they did with Magoo), and more recent performances in Brisbane with Further and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have fashioned them into a winding thread of rock beat craze! Licking drumsticks all wild-eyed and hyperactive, she wrestled with a wobbly mic stand and always came out smiling they have a lot of confidence and conviction amidst their dueling guitars, shouty vocals and jagged rhythms they have a spirit that is unique and unpretentious.(Mess & Noise)

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