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DEAR NORA - There is no Home (album)

DEAR NORA - There is no Home (album)
DEAR NORA: There Is No Home V84 Katy Davidson has been Dear Nora since the summer of 1999. Dear Nora, occasionally a full band, features a cast of rotating members, currently a five-piece, featuring Davidson on guitar, Jake Longstreth (Wolf Colonel) on guitar, Jaime Knight (#Poundsign#) on bass, Nora Roman on percussion, and Antonio Roman-Alcal� (Hello Noisy) on drums. The band was born in Portland and is currently based in Los Angeles. After two full length records and an E.P. on Magic Marker Records (Portland, Oregon) There is No Home, Dear Nora�s newest�and final�release, is the follow-up to 2004�s Mountain Rock. Mountain Rock was an introspective, metaphorical odyssey through a mountainous wilderness (through life�s ups and downs). There is No Home, which was recorded by Davidson in San Francisco between 2004 and 2006, is the delinquent cousin of Mountain Rock, the relative that moved to the city and got a glimpse of the dark side. It takes place in landscape of modern ruins, empty lots full of broken glass, crusty California hills, smoggy desert. It�s a psychedelic daydream sporadically interrupted by harsh tokes of modern life. There is No Home is about accepting an estranged fate as an eternal outcast in a landscape so beautiful and so damaged. In all the ways that Mountain Rock was about magic in nature, There is No Home is about nature in ruin. Whereas Mountain Rock was stripped-down and simple and acoustic, There is No Home, is often loud and raucous. Drawing from influences as diverse as the Roches and Alice Coltrane, Davidson�s style has always been heady and ethereal, awkward and beautiful, sarcastic and kind. Dear Nora toured Australia in 2006 and will hopefully be back here soon. DEAR NORA album: V84 There is no Home � out June 2 CD & digital via MGM

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