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REGURGITATOR - (DOUBLE VINYL) Nothing Less Than Cheap Imitation

Nothing Less than Cheap Imitations LIVE ALBUM on DOUBLE VINYL

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REGURGITATOR debut LIVE album to be released in conjunction with upcoming tour dates.

Verging on 22 years since forming late 1993 and playing 800 plus live forays from their first public performance early 1994, Regurgitator will release their debut live album around their upcoming Cheap Imitations tour.

It was recently mentioned that rock music is frustrating and uninteresting due to the limits of basic instruments. Easy to understand this perspective in the current frame of things. Although in this time of excess and overload to conjure something urgent and unique from a limited palette seems even more vital than compiling from seemingly endless banks of generated sounds. Not to suggest Regurgitator have ever shied away from electronics but to transcend the limitations is rock's real power... to take that and extrude it through imagination, ability, perseverance, technique or even lack thereof is the challenge. In the rare moments when that manages to hit some kind of rise... nothing leaves you feeling harder, better, faster, stronger.

Regurgitator have always embraced their flaws, their limits, fucked with technology, genre... the entire twisted process. Worked it as hard as they could, pushed all over the place in the quest for bettering themselves, shifted farther and faster than could stay on their feet, and endured time stronger for it. In the end what is the imitation but a simulacrum of the live performance... the meticulous production of the recording versus the spontaneous energy of the in-the-moment live representation of the song. And now the meta-imitation with all the spikes and bumps of this raw and inspired collection of live recordings dating back to Oct 2012 captured over two crazy nights at The HiFi, Melbourne - Nothing Less than Cheap Imitations.

So in light of the upcoming tour, with the Brisbane Friday ZOO show now sold out and the others in hot pursuit, comes the release of "Nothing Less than Cheap Imitations: Live at The HiFi Melbourne Oct 2012. Available on double VINYL, CD and various DIGITAL scenarios.

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