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THE DATSUNS - Deep Sleep

THE DATSUNS revel in 1970s cult film super-villains for new album, DEEP SLEEP released OCTOBER 3rd 2014 via Hellsquad/Valve records through MGM. Seizing the opportunity of being in the same city, Deep Sleep was written and recorded in a blistering fast ten days at Roundhead Studios in Auckland last summer. The result is a sonic explosion that arrives, lights the place on fire, then leaves, all within the space of 34 minutes. Singer/bassist Dolf de Borst explains, “We’re not fucking around. We’re all conscious of the fact that we don’t live close to each other and we’re getting older and people have families, so if we’re together, we’re going to make records.” Deep Sleep elaborates on their signature breakneck-paced rock’n’roll delving into more menacing terrain summoned from the bands collective proto-metal 70s influences; Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult and Bloodrock, to name a few. Semi-tones are thrown in amongst blues scale riffs creating a darker, more evil sound that summons images of 1970s cult film super-villains. TOURING DEC 2014 info here: Pre Order DEEP SLEEP via retail on CD or LP or digitally via itunes: Visit for all the details and a free download of CAUGHT IN THE SILVER: Watch the brilliant video by Greg Page for first single BAD TASTE here: BAD TASTE now available to buy at itunes here:

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