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ED KUEPPER - The Return of the Mail-Order Bridegroom

Announcing the release of a new Ed Kuepper album THE RETURN OF THE MAIL-ORDER BRIDEGROOM… out on Valve through MGM on APR 18. The new CD features acoustic rewordings of earlier Kuepper classics spanning material by The Saints, Laughing Clowns and of course Ed's lengthy solo career. TRACK LISTING: Brisbane Security City Hey Joe Rue the Day Real to Me The Way I Made you Feel No Regrets All of These Things Swing for the Crime Cypress Groves Blues Eternally Yours Messing with the Kid The CD was inspired in part by the success of 2013's inaugural Solo and By Request show and also Ed's first acoustic recording from the nineties. "Back in the mid 90's I recorded what was in essence my first truly solo album...meaning just myself and a couple of acoustic guitars. It was called ''I was a Mail-order Bridegroom''. It came about after my first European and North American solo tour. I'd toured lots with some very talented people but doing a solo show that actually works was something special for me. The first Bridegroom album was an attempt to capture the nature of those shows. Last year, I decided to go out solo again ...this time on a totally by request basis… meaning no set list… I'd just play what was requested. The tour went better than I expected and I wanted to capture how things had changed musically in what was essentially the same format. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out."
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