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Omar Souleyman Australis 2012 CD

OMAR SOULEYMAN V127 Australian tour CD Blistering keyboard maelstroms whip sands of sound sweetly around your ears in this frenetic street-crazed Syrian dabke as Omar stands astride majestic as a tree of poetry resplendent in red keffiyeh and Aviators. After tours in the US with the likes of Dengue Fever, Ratatat, Hot Chip, Passion Pit... and collaborating with Bjork. Omar and Razid return to Australia with "the brash outcast voice from the street, improvisatory and soulful; delights in the play between tumult and rhythm, coolness and fervour..." A special limited edition tour release will also be available on CD as well. Omar will be performing the following shows: Consume presents direct from Syria OMAR SOULEYMAN Australis 2012 WED 5 DEC Melbourne THE HIFI Plus CUMBIA COSMONAUTS, CHILDREN OF THE WAVE & MONDO LOCO DJ Tickets from, ph 1300THEHIFI, Polyester Records - CBD & Fitzroy, Sight n Sound - Northcote & Boronia. THUR 6 DEC Sydney OXFORD ART FACTORY Plus RICHARD IN MY MIND DUO & HONKY KONG DJ Tickets from , 1300 GET TIX (438 849), on your mobile and moshtix outlets. FRI 7 DEC Meredith MEREDITH MUSIC FESTIVAL SAT 8 DEC Brisbane QUEENSLAND ART GALLERY - APT 7 FREE ENTRY please see the gallery for details. SUN 9 DEC Brisbane BRISBANE POWERHOUSE Plus HONKY KONG DJ FREE ENTRY please see the venue for details. phone 07 3358 8600 and Box Office 119 Lamington St New Farm. Universes converge as the streets of Syria surge through your feet in a compulsive hyper-mesh that will leave you reeling in a vortex. MAR SOULEYMAN is a Syrian musical legend. Since 1994, he and his musicians have emerged as a staple of folk-pop throughout Syria, but until now they have remained little known outside of the country. To date, he has issued more than five-hundred studio and live-recorded cassette albums which are easily spotted in the shops of any Syrian city. From rural Northeastern Syria, Omar began his musical career in 1994 with a small group of local collaborators that remain with him today. The myriad musical traditions of the region are evident in their music. Here, classical Arabic mawal-style vocalization gives way to high-octane Syrian Dabke (the regional folkloric dance and party music), Iraqi Choubi and a host of Arabic, Kurdish and Turkish styles, among others. Together, they commonly perform the Ataba, a traditional form of folk poetry used in Dabke. Souleyman’s first hit in Syria was "Jani" (1996) which gained cassette-kiosk infamy and brought him recognition throughout the country. Over the years, his popularity has risen steadily and the group tirelessly performs concerts throughout Syria and abroad. Most notably Omar Souleyman has performed at Bonnaroo Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, Hollywood Bowl, Summer Stage in New York, ATP Festivals, Bestival and Glastonburry Festival in the UK, SONAR in Spain, WOMADelaide, Perth International Festival and virtually every major and small city in the United States, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. Along with Matthew Herbert and Serban Ghenea, Omar Souleyman contributes three remixes to Bjork's 2011 ' The Crystalline Series'.

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