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V121 DISASTERADIO album - CHARISMA DISASTERADIO is toured Australia with Regurgitator in AUG 2011. Currently on a huge world tour covering numerous festivals and headline dates in Europe and USA... Luke Rowell from Lower Hutt, New Zealand began making music as DISASTERADIO in 2001 with a self-titled CDR on punk zine distribution label Red Letter Distro and performances at Wellington punk shows. Ten years on, hundreds of shows later the most anticipated album of his career has been released – Charisma, his first to be released internationally. An underground legend, DISASTERADIO has made a huge impact both at home and overseas. DISASTEADIO is touring Europe for the fourth time this summer playing a combination of headline shows, festivals and a short support tour with Trans Am. Since 2007 he has played some of the best European alternative and electronica festivals, including: Synch Festival in Greece (Squarepusher, Tortoise, Junior Boys), Off Festival in Poland (Spirtualized, HEALTH, The National), La Terra Trema in France (Deerhoof, Dan Deacon), Wilsonic Festival in Slovakia, Bergenfest in Norway (Sufjan Stevens, Mount Kimbie), Worldtronics in Germany, Creepee Teepee in The Czech Republic and headlined Weirdofest 2009 in Belgium.He is also set to tour the USA for the second timein 2011 - highlights include bookings at highly respected venues Death by Audio (Brooklyn, NYC) and The Smell (Los Angeles). DISASTERADIO’s last album 'Visions' was named the best local album of 2007 by Real Groove Magazine (the only NZ music magazine worth mentioning) and Vice Magazine called it "The only good music to come out of Wellington, ever!". Since the release of 'Visions', DISASTERADIO has been touring non-stop, performing in 30 countries. He was personally asked by Supergroove, the best-selling New Zealand act of the 90s, to support at all shows on their 12-date reunion tour in 2007. He was also asked to support NZ’s most popular alternative punk band The Mint Chicks on their final ever tour in 2008. After taking 2010 off to focus on producing an incredible record, DISASTERADIO has hit the ground running in 2011. Charisma proudly wears influences ranging from Devo to The Ramones, Kraftwerk to Hϋsker Du and is to be co-released in Australia by Valve Records and A Low Hum (digital, CD and vinyl). To launch Charisma in Australia DISASTERADIO is coming for his first full-length Australian tour in August 2011, supporting the legendary Regurgitator on an 18-date tour. The first single 'Gravy Rainbow' is going nuts on Youtube, scoring 300,000+ views in under a month and was profiled on US cable TV show Attack of the Show and Australia’s Fuel TV (April, 2011). The five-minute clip is an informative introduction to DISASTERADIO, please view it here: For media enquiries or copies of the new DISASTERADIO CD Charisma please email VIDEOS Europe tour highlights Gravy Rainbow live in France Gravy Rainbow No Pulse Awesome Feelings Live at Wilsonic Festival (SK) Live at Truck Festival (UK) Live at CALH Festival (NZ) WEBSITES & DOWNLOADS Disasteradio on alowhum (videos, photos, music) (official site) Disasteradio on Facebook Bandcamp (album ranked number one in NZ throughout April 2011) MySpace -
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