RICK FIGHTS - Fights (10" VINYL)

10" VINYL from Germany.
ALBUM also available via DIGITAL per bandcamp link below.
Fucking hell idiotos... JUST BUY THIS as the missing link between Matt's tunes with I Heart Hiroshima past and IHH present.
RICK FIGHTS Rick Fights is Matt Somers from I Heart Hiroshima's shadow figure. Rick Fights writes, fights and plays insular music about outward, imaginary and real humans. RICK FIGHTS takes on the shadow world with a suitcase full of his debut release FIGHTS. Seven new dark and broody tunes with lyrics that delve into crime, escape and misfortune available in preferred 10inch vinyl, plus CD and various digital avenues all through Valve/MGM on SEPT 21. The release also features guest appearances by Cam Hawes (Martyr Privates, Slug Guts, IHH), Michelle Brown (Feathers) and Innez Tulloch (Feathers, Tiny Spiders, Pastel Blaze). As I Heart Hiroshima he has released two albums - Tuff Teef and The Rip; toured Australia, Europe, New Zealand... and even Vietnam and Cambodia. He is now taking his songwriting urges directly to himself... and to you. Influenced by artists like Brian Eno, Rowland S Howard, Nilsson, The Replacements and Bruce Springsteen... it's insular music about imaginary figures; take one person, one electric guitar, one technically overloaded amplifier and a great deal of nerves. After guest slots with the likes of AA Bondy, Mick Harvey, Kim Salmon, Aesop Rock, Kimya Dawson, Kitchen's Floor... don't be alarmed if it begins to make more noise. “I Heart Hiroshima moonlighter Rick Fights looks like a young Rod Quantock and sounds like Nick Cave in his Murder Ballads era – dark narratives that leave long echoes behind.” – Rave "Opener Rick Fights, stepping out solo from his main act, I Heart Hiroshima, is definitely an interesting choice to open. With dark, lo-fi songs that remind slightly of Gareth Liddiard..." - 4ZZZ Rick Fights... a shadow figure stringing dusky tales from gritty corners down shady back alleys. www.facebook.com/rickfights rickfights.bandcamp.com/ rickfights.tumblr.com www.soundcloud.com/rickfights RICK FIGHTS - FIGHTS out SEPT 21 on Valve/MGM.
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