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V123 Regurgitator's seventh album released August 2011.

After releasing some tracks last year, playing shows across Australia, UK, Middle East things got distracted. Out of the great wide blue Quan & Ben have dropped an album of new material. Shacked up in their Melbourne dwellings in the midst of an enforced creative blizzard... the concept of the album was not without value affording a focused structure. The frenzy of an artistic tempest whipped up by the wild seas of a deadline - pieced together under the title SUPERHAPPYFUNTIMEFRIENDS.

SuperHappyFunTimesFriends is the seventh studio album by Regurgitator and was released in Australia on 5 August 2011. Much of the album was recorded in Melbourne earlier in 2011 over a 3 week period based on a 2 week decision to do it like this prior to recording - bang instant album. Originally the band had planned on releasing individual songs on the internet as they were finished. Two songs were released as a part of this experiment, "Evil Eye" and "NROB BMUD" (later renamed "Born Dumb" for SuperHappyFunTimesFriends). After being quiet for some months on 19 June 2011 the band debuted a new song "One Day" on Triple J and announced the new album. Since then "Game Over Dude", "All Fake Everything" and "Super Happy Funtime" from SuperHappyFunTimesFriends have been uploaded to the band's Bandcamp and SoundCloud accounts. The full album was made available upon the release date. The album was released in many non-traditional formats such as cassette, vinyl and PlayButton.

Track listing:
"One Day" (Q. Yeomans) – 2:25
"Game Over Dude" (B. Ely) – 0:21
"All Fake Everything" (Q. Yeomans) – 4:26
"Super Happy Funtime" (B. Ely) – 1:46
"Punk Mum" (Q. Yeomans) – 2:15
"Be Still My Noisy Mind" (B. Ely) – 2:49
"D.M.T 4 2" (B. Ely) – 1:41
"No Show" (Q. Yeomans) – 3:14
"Uncontactable" (B. Ely) – 2:00
"Into the Night" (Q. Yeomans) – 3:04
"Devil Spell" (B. Ely) – 2:02
"Born Dumb" (Q. Yeomans) – 2:26
"Outer Space" (B. Ely) – 3:04
"8pm" (B. Ely) – 1:10

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