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Regurgitator - Distractions recordings

Regurgitator - Distractions recordings
V120 REGURGITATOR Distractions - phutured strategies

In a world subjected to the drifting weight of environmental, media and cultural strata... collisional boundaries, techtronic faults and contorted streams arise as the topography is reshaped by the seemly natural forces of human engagement with technology and globalised online network/media systems... better to bend with these gusts of cultural drift, adapting as inspired.

With consideration of the changing music and mediascape Regurgitator have made the decision to reappraise their own approach to releasing the music they record... or whatever creative disciplines they immerse themselves in.

Quan..."it's been a reaction to a multitude of radical changes (from our perspective) in the industry over the last few years. Technological transitions are notorious for bewildering a whole cultural set who have grown up with a certain industry methodology for most of their former careers. We definitely fall into that category and are beginning to accept that the new paradigm is in a state of flux and can only be respected and adapted to. This is why we are beginning to naturally shed some of the old habits of a 'band'. Album production was initially geared to provide marketing impetus for the sale of vinyl records. More and more young people are not listening to music this way. They download music for free and they pick and choose tracks and create playlists or rely on blogs to automatic generate such playlists. This actually suits a home recording/producing musician more because it is more natural to focus and create one track at a time, release it then move on to the next one. To be truly independent of the record industry you should forget the old release mentality and match the current listener mentality. This is what we will be doing in the future.

With Quan & Ben's relocation to Melbourne earlier this year, setting up studios in their newly acquired dwellings they started work amid various distractions on new recordings planning to eschew the stock-standard album release/record label scenario for a "take it as it comes" approach more in synch with current trends of the listener. To coincide with a Sept Australia tour they release the first batch of recordings under the title Distractions. From that point on where possible, Regurgitator are going to try and release new material they record on a regular monthly basis and really try to open up how they engage with their audience. It will exist in various forms from free via Regurgitator's online scenario's to retail digital and packaged hard versions (CD/USB/vinyl etc) to figure in with tours and various retail release outlets including the online store. Regurgitator are taking a revived attitude to their creativity and the notion of industry to both challenge themselves, consider new ways to engage with the heightened ubiquity in the world around them, and potentially provide a dynamic and candid exploration of the ebbs and flows of the creative process... and see how it all plays on this future horizon.

New recordings are all go... and now here to listen to. They were done across the home studios, Head Gap in Melbourne working with Casey Rice on the mix, and Cameron Potts (Baseball) playing drums.

1 - Making No Sense
2 - Distractions
3 - Miranda July
4 - Midday Sun

Regurgitator are also finally revamping the website after so many years existing in the Quan designed MacOS parody... planning to be a more action orientated blog style with links to all their current social platforms... myspace, facebook, youtube, twitter, etc (see list below). This also includes the now extensive Regurgitator You Tube channel up and running after we managed to get Warner to unblock the music videos so all the previously released video material is always accessible.

Regurgitator will also continue their quest for challenging projects like last year's contemporary dance collaboration Rock Show, the 2004 multimedia project Band in a Bubble... as well as their recent live soundtrack performance of Japanese anime film AKIRA. The band far surpassed their own expectations and it has given them a burst of creative energy greater than any nuclear surge. The event was also met with a fantastic audience response from the 1400+ crowd at the Sydney Opera House... and some great critical feedback:

"The band were met with a thunderous applause as they settled into the pit. [...] What a great film! What a great band! What a great collaboration!"

"Akira has rarely made as much sense as it does today - and Regurgitator have rarely sounded as vital." 3D World

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