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HAWNAY TROOF - Islands of Ayle

HAWNAY TROOF - Islands of Ayle
V101 Hawnay Troof approaches music as a �re-sequencing of ideas� or a demolishing/re-making of the rules. Restoring art and sound to their primary and vital function: a connection into the natural world. Viewing everything from depression to euphoria with a sense of awe at the magnificence that lies within all of our daily lives. The latest Hawnay Troof LP, Islands Of Ayle, picks up where the last album left off: a decorated teenage bedroom painted with the energy of a mad man on the run. After he won over so many blogs and crazed hundreds of crowds in different parts of the world strictly by word of mouth, who would expect any less from him in 2008? His music is magnetic. The life contained within brings art back to its primal importance of connecting with the observer. He is quickly becoming one of the underground�s best-kept secrets. V91 second album (double disc) Hawnay Troof is the electronic indie solo project of Vice Cooler formed in late 2001. Regardless of the band's American punk and electronic background, many untraditional ideas have been incorporated into its sound. Combining many elements of pop, dance-punk, electronica, soul, noise music and club lyrically covering an array of subjects such as relationships, politics, death, celebration, and tragedy. In the past Cooler has cited his daily life as his main muse. According to Cooler the purpose of the band has always been to create a unity for people through music. Since the band's inception, this has been executed by a number of live shows and records. Unifying past language barriers, the band has performed in many strange places throughout the world and put out a handful of albums to a positive response. This shit is the fucking nuts... go for it. Toured Australia with PEACHES on Parklife... and made her video for BURST.
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