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Regurgitator - Love & Paranoia

Regurgitator - Love & Paranoia
V92 sixth album LOVE & PARANOIA released Sept 2007 - recorded in Brazil in May/June 2007 and mixed in Sydney. Features Blood & Spunk, Romance of the Damned and Destroy this City.

Love and Paranoia is the sixth album by Regurgitator. It was released in Australia on 15 September 2007 and was inspired by 1980s rock. The first single was Blood & Spunk which received high rotation on Triple J. The animated video for this track was produced by Quan Yeomans in Hong Kong. As the album's title track suggests, several songs are unguardedly romantic, while others touch on the paranoia, fear and resulting insularity in these politically conservative days. The majority of the album was recorded mid-2007 in Brazil. The album is also features Seja Vogel (Sekiden) who provides keyboards and vocals (and even a tune Magnetic sounding like a long lost Sekiden track). While there has been no official word of a third single, Destroy This Town was uploaded to the band's MySpace site which included a cover art picture for the song and a video filmed in the Forbidden City, Beijing by Peng Lei from New Pants fame. The band toured the album extensively throughout Australia and it was also featured on the 2008 Big Day Out tour. In October 2008, the band headed to the UK, where it had not played for five years, in support of the release before heading to Asia, including their first tour of China, to finish the Love and Paranoia tour.
Track listing:
"Blood and Spunk" (Q. Yeomans) - 3:01
"Drinking Beer is Awesome!" (B. Ely) - 2:10
"Romance of the Damned" (S. Vogel/Q. Yeomans) - 3:20
"Love and Paranoia" (Q. Yeomans) - 3:51
"Hurricane" (B. Ely) - 2:02
"Destroy This Town" (Q. Yeomans) - 3:19
"Psychic Dirt" (B. Ely) - 3:05
"Sun Comes Thru My Window" (B. Ely) - 0:42
"(Ad Spot)" (Q. Yeomans) - 0:36
"Magnetic" (S. Vogel) - 2:54
"Michelle" (Q. Yeomans) - 2:39
"Armageddon Premonition" (B. Ely) - 4:03

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