I Heart Hiroshima - Tuff Teef

I Heart Hiroshima - Tuff Teef
V90 debut album Tuff Teef Brisbane band I HEART HIROSHIMA break and enter your heart with the debut album brilliance of Tuff Teef. After clenched teeth, flexed fingers and insisted patience, the album was recorded by Jonboyrock in Sydney at Megaphon, mixed at Velvet Sounds, mastered in New York and reaches back through a musical lineage that starts with The Go-Betweens. Features single Punks. The sound of breaking chairs and stealing hearts. I Heart Hiroshima are a three-piece indie pop act from Brisbane, Australia, known for their "bass-less" lineup, which tends to offer a distinct sound. The band formed in 2005 at a house party and started to play local gigs, eventually leading to the release of their debut EP, A Three Letter Word For Candy, in March 2006. Cut In Colour followed later in the year, which was followed by extensive touring inside Australia, before a band reshuffle to its current lineup, and the release of their debut album, Tuff Teef, on 13 August 2007. The first single from the album was "Punks". In 2009, the band released their second album, The Rip. The group's influences include Sleater-Kinney, Pixies, Leonard Cohen, The Smiths, The Raveonettes, The Magnetic Fields, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Walkmen, Slumber Party, and Beat Happening.

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