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Boy from Brazil

Boy from Brazil
V64... Boy from Brazil is genuine freak pop, stripped to the bone, back to basics rock and roll and weird shit of the highest order. His debut EP Trash! Boom! Bang! has been seducing connoisseurs of bad taste all over Europe and has been described as “a little stormer… mixes the sonic assault of Suicide, the guitar hooks of the B-52’s, the drums of the Flying Lizards and the vocals of Lux Interior… and even a cool cover of Serge Gainsbourg”. But Boy from Brazil, aka Razi, doesn’t stop there, his live performances sum up the greatest front men of all time: Iggy, Divine, there’s even a little Elvis in there! Razi isn’t just the front man, he’s the only man. A total original one-man band, backed by a video montage of looped and scratched B-movie leather chicks, cartoons, 50’s bikers and other absurdities created by VJ Sniper.

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